Two choices: Settling or Self-Abdication?

“Taught to believe that the mind, not the heart, is the seat of learning, many of us believe that to speak of love with any emotional intensity means we will be perceived as weak and irrational. And it is especially hard to speak of love when what we have to say calls attention to the fact that lovelessness is more common than love, that many of us are not sure what we mean when we talk of love or how to express love.”

-bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions

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bells hooks and Roxanne Gay…

How living with others reclaims your time and freedom

The subconscious message of the American ethos is that sharing is important for children, but adults are not truly mature until they can provide for themselves so well that they never need to share.

Independence is considered more valuable than fellowship, self-sufficiency over generosity. This has brought us great material comfort, but left a gap in our human nature that longs for meaning in a culture of reciprocity and belonging.

Communal living is becoming more popular in America, catching up to the European trend (which is mimicking the tribes people have lived in for millennia). …

How bad habits have hijacked your mind

I choose to keep bad habits. Most of us do. Some of mine:

I eat sugar after every possible meal.
I regularly choose YouTube videos over 8 hours of necessary sleep. and
I procrastinate many necessary, inevitable tasks.

Procrastination is just a form of voluntarily elongated stress. Like peeling off a bandaid, reeeeally slowly. Ouch. I know the laundry needs done. I know I must meal prep to eat. I know my credit card payment is due at the end of the month, yet I nearly always shove the task of payment aside till the last possible day. (It’s like…

3 Ways to Build Spiritual Connection

What is Spirituality

While I expect to find spiritual people in a yoga or meditation class, I am surprised that my dating profile gives the option of “spiritual” right next to agnostic, atheist, and any common flavor of religion.

What the hell does it mean?

Spirituality is an umbrella term for any practices that seek to unify a conscious being (aka us) with a force larger than ourselves. This brings psychic order to our lives, much the way a proscenium arch frames the action of a play on stage.

Religions are collections of practices that supposedly lead to this unified feeling; they’re a…

How deep nose breaths will add years and ease to your life

Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes or look straight ahead.

Feel your butt in contact with the ground or chair.

Take a deep breath in and a long breath out.

How do you feel?

Less stressed, more present, and more relaxed? Likely, simply, a little better.

Many yoga classes, meditation, and stress reduction techniques start like this.

We need the help- we are stressed. It’s reducing the daily quality and the whole quantity of our lives.

Mindful breathing does a lot to change our average physical and mental state. We can instantaneously go from ‘stressed’ to less so…

it’s not for rich, flexible, or zen people.

Yoga is for rich people, flexible people, and zen people.

Have you had this thought?

It kept me disinterested in yoga for a long time. I was (and am) NONE of these things- rich, flexible, or zen.

Novelty is the only reason I went to my first yoga class (NAKED yoga). But I returned to the crowded, sweaty, foreign room week after week for the challenge and reward. I’ve always been an athlete, and am familiar with ‘being in the zone’ or a ‘runner’s high’.

Yoga gives me this feeling consistently. In the 7 years since my first steps into…

I wonder whether this will appear as the subtitle? We shall find out. Afterwards I shall delete this and see if that’s possible. Yay!

The geographic roots of post-industrial capitalism

The Accidental Superpower : the Next Generation of American Preeminence and the Coming Global Disorder by Peter Zeihan

In The Accidental Superpower, Peter Zeihan uses geography and its political implications to predict the future of economics and livelihoods. America is the accidental superpower not by merit of wise choices, deft political maneuvers and effective government, but because our abundant natural resources enable it. More so than any other country on the planet, our cup run-eth over.

Our easily developed, bountiful crop producing lands (less labor intensive and competitive than anywhere else on the planet) gave the ability to produce excess…

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Yoga teacher, amateur philosopher, eco-bitch living a badass, balanced, mentally healthy life.

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